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Panelists on site at Wesleyan University

XIU Hailin, Professor, Director of the Chinese Music History Research Center at the China Conservatory of Music. A recipient of China’s prestigious National Special Allowance, XIU served as the head of the Music Research institute at the Central Conservatory of Music, Associate Editor of the journal Music Research, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Music History Society, Director of Chinese Music Aesthetics Society, and Artistic Advisor of the Chinese Phonograph Record Corporation. XIU’s research interests include Chinese music history, music aesthetics and music pedagogy. He has authored or edited 9 books, such as The History of Chinese Geisha, Aesthetics of Chinese Ancient Music, and numerous articles. He is also the key member in developing China’s national “Artistic Curriculum Standard.”

YANG Hong, Professor, Department of Musicology, China Conservatory of Music, holds a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2004). Her research interests range from ethnomusicological methods to traditional music of China to world music. She is the author of A Study on the Er-ren-tai in Contemporary Social Interaction between Hequ District No-Governmental Troupes and Regional Culture (2006) and many articles. She served as Associate Editor for the journal Chinese Music.

, Professor, Chair of Musicology Department at the Central Conservatory of Music. Received his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Turku University, Finland (1997). Over the years, he studied in various institutions in New Delhi, Hong Kong, Denmark and London, as well as recently at Wesleyan as Fulbright Scholar with the project “Methods and Concept of the World Music Education.” His research focuses on traditional instrumental music and its change in modern China. He is the author of several books and many articles, in both Chinese and English languages. He has received several prestigious research awards.

Panelists on site in Shanghai, China

LUO Qin, Professor, Musicology Department, and Chair of Music Research Institute at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He is also the President of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press, and Chair of Anthropology of Music Division E-Institutes of Shanghai Universities. He received his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Kent State University, and MA from the University of Washington. He is the author of several books, including Street Music: An Epitome of American Society and Culture (2001), as well as many articles. He is also a recipient of numerous awards.

XIAO Mei, Professor, Musicology Department, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, received her Ph.D. in Music from Fujian Normal University (2001). She is the Vice President and Secretary-General of the Institute of Traditional Music in China. She has visited or taught in Austria, Taiwan, Hong Kong and England. She has carried out extensive fieldwork on folk songs and instrumental music in China’s rural areas, as well as among the ethnic minorities. She also has been closely involved in building the sound archives at the Music Research Institute in Beijing. Her publications include several books addressing ethnomusicological fieldwork and numerous articles. She has received many national awards and frequently makes presentations at various international conferences in Europe.
Panelists on site in Taipei, Taiwan

Ying-fen Wang, Professor and currently the director of the Graduate Institute of Musicology at National Taiwan University. She received her Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh. She specializes in the study of nanguan music and the social history of music of Taiwan. Her recent book, Listening to the Colony (2008), presents her restudy of the wartime survey of Taiwan music carried out by a team of Japanese musicologists during WWII.

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