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Society for Ethnomusicology Latin American Concert, Monday October 27, 2008, organized by Eric Galm

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Angelina Tallaj, Piano

  • Vals Capricho No. 1 by Julio Alberto Hernandez (1:25-6:52)
  • Dansa do Indio Branco by Heitor Villa-Lobos (7:06-11:15)

Emily Pinkerton, Guitar, Guitarron, and Voice

  • Floreció el copihue rojo (cueca, traditional) (12:16-14:23)
  • Volver a los dicisiete (text from an original song by V. Parra, set in this performance to a traditional canto a lo poeta melody, accompanied on 25-string Chilean guitarron) (14:58-18:20)
  • La flor de la verbena (trad. cueca, first recorded by Los Chileneros, arr. E. Pinkerton) (19:32-22:15)

Gregory Robinson, Guitar and Voice

  • Argentine zamba 1 (22:48-26:34)
  • Argentine zamba 2 (26:50-30:05)
  • A Nat King Cole song (30:50-33:05)

Raquel Paraíso, Violin, accompanied by Eric Galm on Bongos

  • A Panamanian mejorana (34:03-37:20)

Steel Band: Marisol Berrios-Miranda, Bill Carbone, Shannon Dudley, Julian Gerstin, and Jeff Jones

  • From Me to You (38:03-43:42)
  • Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half (45:30-53:15)
  • El Manicero (53:36-63:00)

Members of the Trinity Samba Ensemble, Directed by Eric Galm
Kristen Droesch, Amanda Garbantini, Christine Gilbert, Brett Jackson, Tyler Johnson, Alli Millstein, Daniela Ortiz-Bahamonde, Lee Mixashawn Rozie, Austin Waldecker, with special guests, Sinesio Jefferson Andrade da Silva, Julian Gerstin and Colleen Haas

  • Various Samba Breaks
  • Angola
  • Que Menina é Essa/Foi Você
  • Depois Que o Ilê Passar (Caetano Veloso)

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