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Society for Ethnomusicology West Asia concert, Monday October 27, 2008

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SEM West Asian ensemble: Anne Rasmussen, `ud and vocals; Scott Marcus, nay, mizmar, and vocals; Michael Frishkopf, nay and piano; Eliot Bates, `ud and vocals; Mustafa Avci, baglama and vocals; David Pruett, darbukka; Aaron Paige, riqq; Ann Lucas, nay; Andrea Vercoe, violin; Miriam Gerberg, accordion

A short Wasla in maqam Rast:

  • (:07-6:55) Introduction
  • (6:56-10:54) “Sama`i rast” (1st khana and taslim only), by Tatyos (1858-1913), featuring an `ud taqasim by Anne Rasmussen
  • (10:55-13:46) Audience warmup
  • (13:47-17:39) “Tahmila Suznak,” traditional
  • (17:40-21:34) Introduction
  • (21:35-35:14) Three songs: “Wi-n-Nabi Yamma,” traditional; Ya Shadi al-Alhan, by Sayyid Darwish (1892-1923); and “Ya Mal ish-Sham,” traditional

Eliot Bates, ud and vocals; and Mustafa Avci baglama and vocals

  • (35:15-38:23) Introduction
  • (38:24-45:17) Two Turkish tunes: one Zeybek and one Ashik song

SEM West Asian ensemble

  • (45:18-46:05) Introduction
  • (46:06-52:10) “Bülbülüm Altın Kafeste”

Dave Fossum, Turkmen dutar

  • (52:11-52:48) Introduction
  • (52:49-56:13) “Bu Jennetdir” [This is heaven], trad. Turkmen, arr. Yagmyr Nurgeldiev
  • (56:14-57:24) Introduction
  • (57:25-1:02:41) “Garry Saltyk” [The old saltyk], trad. Turkmen

Michael Frishkopf, nay, voice, and loops

  • (1:02:42-1:05:24) Introduction
  • (1:05:25-1:15:51) Sufi dhikr simulation

David Pruett, darbukka

  • (1:15:52-1:16:29) Introduction
  • (1:16:30-1:19:27) Darbukka solo

SEM West Asian ensemble

  • (1:19:28-1:21:47) Introduction
  • (1:21:48-1:30:14) “Ahwak,” by ‘Abd-al-Halim Hafiz (1929-1977), featuring Michael Frishkopf on piano
  • (1:30:15-1:31:45) Introduction
  • (1:31:46-1:37:09) “Fog in-Nakhl,” Iraqi song
  • (1:37:10-1:41:03)Introduction
  • (1:41:04-end) “Layali Asyut,” Egyptian folkloric, featuring Scott Marcus on mizmar

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