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Society for Ethnomusicology Southeast Asian Concert, Sunday October 26, 2008

[Note: this video is divided into two clips. Please scroll down to see footage of the gamelan performance that followed the concert]

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Thai fiddle music: Supeena Insee Adler, saw oo

  • Piece 1 (:10-4:52)

Balinese Gender Wayang: Pete Steele, Andrew McGraw, Brita Heimarck, and Lisa Gold

  • Introduction (4:53-6:17)
  • Sulendro (6:18-13:23)
  • Merak ngelo (13:24-19:00)

West Javanese Tembang Sunda: Henry Spiller, kacapi, Sean Williams, voice, and Andrew Weintraub, suling

  • Introduction (19:01-21:01)
  • Tembang sunda set (21:02-29:42)

West Javanese Jaipongan Dance: Ening Rumbini, dance

  • Introduction (29:43-32:18)
  • Sonteng, choreographed by Gugum Gumbira (Jugala Dance Company)  (32:19-end)

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